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  • Please purchase fee coupon when the orange ribbon appears in the monitoring page.
  • Please do not tell your OTP code or mobile verification code to the third party.
  • Depending on the network environment of exchanges, the balance may temporarily be displayed low.
  • Please contact Korbot team when you deposit or withdraw digital assets from the exchanges.

Perpetual Swap $ 8763.5
Weekly Futures $ 8758.982
Bi-Weekly Futures $ 8786.52
Quarterly Futures $ 8858.62

Risk management is necessary for the effective use of Korbot Robo Advisor.
When the defense level is lower than 15% or risk level is higher than 80%, please transfer certain amount of BTC to the Futures Exchange’s Swap Wallet.

  • Optimal Defense Range:20% - 40%
  • Optimal Risk Range: Lower than 75%

Please contact Korbot team before then transfer, and make sure you have transferred BTC to the OKEx’s Swap Account (Wallet).

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Current Time 2019-11-13 21:26:26

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10,212,000 KRW

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217,950 KRW

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10,109,880 이상, 10,314,120 이하
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